How Checkin25 suits your business needs

Visitor management

Registering visitors can be tedious and time-consuming. Forget those sign-in sheets and spreadsheets you need to update manually. Checkin25 provides visitors an easy way to sign in, with or without your help. A tablet running the Checkin25 app at your front desk is all you need. The user friendly interface ensures your visitors feel welcome. This way, you always have an up-to-date record of all current visitors.

Customizable interface

Checkin25 lets you welcome your visitors in style – your own style. The customization settings let you add your company logo, change the background colour and the background picture. You can even change the margins and size, as well as the font and colour of the buttons in the start screen.

The application offers standard check-in forms that can be completely customized to fit only those questions you want to ask your guests. This prevents them from having to fill in all kinds of information you do not need.

Smart pre-registration

The quicker the registration, the better. That is why Checkin25 allows you to send your guests a personal QR-code, if necessary in a completely branded email that includes location, parking and other additional useful information.

When your guests scan this QR code on arrival, it preloads all their information to check in. This saves both your visitors and receptionists time, making the check-in process easier. Visitors can always change their information, should they want to.

Instant notifications

Attention and a welcoming attitude towards your visitors is important to you. Once they are checked in, Checkin25 can automatically send notifications to their hosts within your organization via Salesforce’s Chatter and/or email. This way, your front desk staff can focus all their attention on other incoming guests.

Visitor badges

When connected to a badge printer, Checkin25 can instantly print personalized badges with useful information, like the name of a designated meeting room name or the Wi-Fi password. The software lets you design your own branded badges, ensuring your guests feel welcome.

Native Salesforce application

We think Salesforce is by far the best cloud based CRM system on the market today, and we have been working together with Salesforce for years. It gives us the opportunity to fully leverage the power of the Salesforce platform and to help our customers gain a competitive advantage using Checkin25.

There is no other application which shows a real-time overview of visitors in Salesforce. The configuration of the app is done in Salesforce, where you can create your own interface, check-in form and design emails and badges. You can also configure the notifications you need Checkin25 to send out.

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